About the Author and Blogger, R.K.B.


R.K.B. is a Self-Published Author, Poet, Performer, Entrepreneur and Mental Health Activist from Detroit, Michigan.

As she grew into Black womanhood, she begin to learn the true meanings of love and happiness, and why they must FIRST start with self. To date, she has written over 500 poems, 10 short stories, three children’s novels and self- published over 50 poems – and counting.

In March 2016, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, severe depression and anxiety. Though receiving treatment, she struggled to find and maintain mental stability, balance and self- direction. In the midst of such struggles, she began to write. Overall, her work paints a raw view of her journey with mental health issues, and she strives to prevail in spite of them.

Her work has been featured both in print and on radio. She has been a guest on 910 AM radio station with Karen Dumas, Make it Happen! radio and appeared in various news outlets including The Telegram newspaper as well. Her books continue to garner hundreds of readers (and counting), while inspiring others who experience mental health challenges as well.

Her poetry, and other works, are dedicated to helping spread mental health awareness. She dedicates her voice to educating society on how to support others battling mental health issues.

She has developed her own business, R.K.B. Productions, LLC, a brand dedicated to promoting self-care, health and wellness. She serves as a public speaker, volunteer, and activist throughout her community. She is an active member and volunteer with the Lupus Detroit organization and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in which she has held various seminars, focus groups, speaking engagements and fundraisers to further mental health awareness.

R.K.B. can be reached via her direct website: intomywoods.com.

Her Blog: vodkaformondays.com 

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