…I’m Still Here (POEM)

I want to know what it’s like to be that rose in the garden
Too beautiful to touch,
Impossible to ignore
Can only admire from afar.

I’ve let too many pluck away at my pedals 
So now I blow aimlessly in the wind

But I’ve still got my roots 
I still grow 
Despite my circumstances 

I am still worth the watering 
And the sunshine,

To you, I might look wilted and dried

But watch me sprout 

And reclaim my spot as that rose in the garden

That has yet to die

You know, I am still worthy of love, light and life

And if you look,

You can still find the beauty deep in my eyes

My bloody thorns will heal

Over time

And once again, I will shine

Time after time, time after time, and time after time


“I’m Still Here”

By Ranequa


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