I Cut All My Hair Off.

Happy Monday!! I know it’s rather early for me to be posting, but I’m up early and cannot sleep (so, forgive me).

Amid COVID-19, and the stay at home order, I had a real “coming to Jesus” moment with my one year old dreadlocks that I began growing in April of 2019.

I believe that every woman has that kind of moment at least once in her life.

I went to pick up the scissors, and the rest was history. It’s something so liberating about chopping your own hair off. It’s about breaking free. Letting go. Moving on. Coming alive. It’s about remembering your own beauty that does not need to necessarily hide behind tresses, regardless of whether society likes/approves of a bald you, or not. As you cut, you have that little break through, and in the process – you break free. ❤️

I’ve heard from many that assume something is wrong when a woman cuts her hair off – and that isn’t always the case. Whether or not something is wrong, there is something therapeutic about letting go of your own hair. For many women, our hair is our crown. Without it, we might feel less beautiful. I am here to say that this does not have to ring true. Hair does not make you who you are, or define one’s beauty on the inside or outside. What makes us beautiful is the energy that we pour into ourselves and into the world around us. That is what makes a beautiful being, regardless if we have hair on our heads or not.

Granted, I will miss running my fingers through my hair, and wearing different styles. But rest assured, if I get bored enough- I know that that’s what they make wigs for. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’m excited to shave off a little more and wear designs in my new cut and style. For now, I’m enjoying getting accustomed to the new look.

While this wasn’t something major to blog about, it definitely WAS the boldest and craziest thing that I have done in a long time, and, I don’t regret it one bit.

Break through. Break free. Cut it off if you want!


Until next time…



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