“When You Cheated With Me” – Part One (POEM)

When You Cheated With Me – Part One

I’ll never forget you

Even though I doubt you’ll remember me

I aint shit and neither are you

But at least I own my truth…

I allowed low-self esteem and loneliness to be the things that brought me closer to you

I allowed the need for attention, affection and validation to make me accept you

We became one…

And that’s something I can never undo…

When you cheated with me,

I didn’t care

And that’s the fucked up part

When you cheated with me,

You were never there

Though with the time that we spent

It caused me to feel like we were never apart


And as a woman, I knew I was so much better than that

But as a hoe, I was only concerned with the moment

I wish I could turn back time

I wish I could undo my sins

But I

Have to swallow the fact that

I wasn’t shit


Neither were you

But I don’t have to continue

Being your accomplice

You might be the man

But you can’t do what I don’t allow


This aint nothing I’ll ever be proud to reminisce 


I’m so much better…

And hopefully one day, I’ll recognize that

I dont have to play second fiddle

I look in the mirror and want to vomit 

Staring at what I see

In love with a man that’ll never be mine

“Hoe,” “homewrecker,”

Are all the names that I’ll be called

But I have to own my truth

In order to grow…

I wanna be more

Than damaged goods

Forever known

As the girl who you cheated with


– R.K.B. (2020)


  1. This poem is very raw. You have a beautiful soul and can do anything. You don’t need a man to make you who you are. You get to choose who you are! Keep writing and stay positive.

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