Coronavirus and Traveling in 2020: Updates!

Welp, I canceled my trip to Barcelona, Spain for July 2020. Amid the corona virus and the 30 Day Travel ban imposed by Trump for the United States, things are so uncertain right now that I decided to reluctantly cancel my entire trip. Tragic!

However, I have decided upon a new destination and am excited to embark on this new journey. I will be visiting Honolulu, Hawaii from July 18-25, 2020!

I am also watching news outlets for Hawaii as well and praying that the citizens/travelers are safe and not affected as well. At this point, all we can really do is pray/hope for the best outcome with this matter as it effects businesses, tourism and overall economies as well.

Here are a few details on my trip:

Hotel: $241.50 total for 7 nights! Not bad if you ask me.


Flight: $800. A bit on the expensive side, which is why I chose a hostel for my stay to save and cut corners. I’ll be watching the price for this trip and plan to purchase my ticket in May or early June.


Activities: Total: $675.21 via the help of TripAdvisor! I know that’s a little on the expensive side as well, but I believe it’s worth it to enhance my time in Hawaii and experience there.



Money set aside for cab fare, food and spending money: $600 (hopefully this is enough, subject to change)


Overall:  If you know of any ways where I could cut costs on my trip, please comment below! I am excited, nervous and praying for a wonderful trip. Fingers crossed ❤


Until next time, and stay safe everyone ❤





  1. Whatever you think food will cost, add 25%. Hawaii is expensive. Think about how much has to actually be flown in. There are plenty of great low and no cost activities but man, that food is expensive.

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