Ways to Love (POETRY)

“GOD, show me the ways to love a loveless world

So much to account for

And nothing but fingers pointing –

everybody looking at everybody to blame

On why time goes on but things never change

Why are people so damn rude and unkind

Why do we judge others when some come to finally lose their minds

We don’t know their story

Life is rough

And it could easily be me, or you, or you


help me to love a loveless life

When all I have is myself

And I must look in the mirror

And find significance in my reflection

When I must grab from within

And savor every flaw as perfection and try not to focus

On what I tell myself isn’t there and what could be

Or what isn’t good enough and what should be

GOD, Help me to love it

Love it all

And drown in the beauty

Of being incomplete and complete

At the same time

And a forever work in progress

GOD, show me the ways to love a loveless city

Gritty and needy

Greedy and starving

Detroit is


And yet, I barely know Detroit anymore.

Help me to trust

Help me to grow

Help me to become

GOD, are you coming back?

Hopefully you will.

Hopefully you’re near.

If not, I will never regret a single prayer

But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that

I need you…

GOD, show me the ways…”


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