Love, in a Thousand Words (POETRY)

Sometimes, life must turn upside down, and inside out,

To bloom from within…

And although

My wings have yet to spread

I am open to soar…

You can be happy with your life and still dying inside…

You know,

It’s quite possible to have an empty identity

And live a dead life

To be draining out in such a crowded world,

That makes it easy to hate

And so hard to love.

It is hard to accept the fact that we cannot control how others treat us

Or who deceives us

And how we might get let down…

Thank GOD I know now,

That I can aim to change some things

By simply doing my best at being me.

I may never rule the world

Or flash too many diamonds and pearls


It is never too late to have large dreams,

And not too boring to be satisfied, comforted in your simplicity.

Because I know that having happiness,

Is a lifelong journey….

That we will all travel along until the day we all die

So don’t stand still.

Or you’ll never breathe.

Why would anyone ever want it so easy?

Who wouldn’t like to know the eminent feeling of climbing mountains?

I wish that I could say I was fearless, but I am petrified, for-

I am playing a role, starring on a stage, fulfilling the script of a story that only others will be able to read, anyway-

So I will make this a treat for you.

Because My GOD is SO KIND

Because My Life can be so sweet…

Now, I truly believe that


For eternity, for infinity…for this life, and those to come Love is the pain

Love is the testimony

Love is the action, the thought, and the feeling that we all bring- However, it can be nothing…

If you cannot find its source. And that all starts within you, and within me


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