“Only in the Spring” {POEM}

Maybe love is not what I thought it is, Maybe it is JUST a feeling. Temporary,-

Like the time in Spring

Where the flowers blossom and bloom,- But ONLY because of the rain.

Are we just ALL FOOLS?

Maybe, it is the pain

That makes us yearn to search the world

For things that we don’t have inside



And keep hoping,

And KEEP rushing….

For compensation

to grasp these desires before we Die…

Maybe, you loved the THOUGHT of me,

And maybe all of the others did too.

Maybe life is simply a journey

And you shouldn’t stop to take risks

Or to define something that shouldn’t be, anyway

But in the meantime?

I just have NO CLUE-

Maybe, LOVE is just an emotion…..

It revitalizes us

Breathing life back into parts of us that have long been dead- Swooning with persuasion in our heads

To trust a stranger,

To touch the forbidden

And commit to uncertainty.


Maybe I want you,

Maybe, it’s mutual,

But then, maybe

You fantasize about others,

And maybe, that’s mutual too… Maybe,

We ALL have good intentions…. But Maybe,

Our existence doesn’t require acceptance

But then,

wouldn’t we ALL be FOOLS? Maybe LOVE, IS BEAUTIFUL,

Like my favorite time of the year,

For ONLY in the Spring

is my Mind available to wonder, So I think,

And only Then, Do I DREAM…

As the cool breeze and vibrant storms take me at night, I simply pause for the Sun to shine the next morning-

And only HOPE for LOVE to FIND ME

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