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My Trip to Phuket, Thailand: Wanderlust Adventures 2019 (FULL POST)

Snorkeling, sightseeing, day-drinking, hiking, playing in waterfalls, and more!

Happy Monday, guys! This post has been a long awaited one. It has been almost a year since my trip to Phuket, Thailand in March of 2019, but I felt that it was still worth sharing. This post will be chop full of photos and videos from the trip, along with information on where I stayed, cost and excursions/activities that kept me busy throughout my entire vacation.

If you like, share this post with someone that might be interested in visiting Phuket someday! It’s a beautiful place.


Preparing for My Trip

Who did I go through to book my trip? Delta Vacations

I could have chosen an array of other (possibly cheaper) options, but I do not regret my decision one bit. I still ended up saving when you factor in the price of the plane ticket,  but my experience was worth every penny. You might deem it as a bit pricey! Just know that you can go through various others to book your trip and save. However, if you’re looking for more luxury on your vacation, then booking with Delta Vacations might be best for you.



Getting There

Flight Experience? It took about 17 hours total to fly from Michigan (where I’m from), all the way to Phuket. I flew Economy, which was probably NOT the best decision for me personally. I was pretty uncomfortable most of the time, but I made the best out of it. The food served while in flight was delicious, and the service was good as well. However, if I could do it all over again, I probably would have flown First Class.

Layovers? I stopped in Seoul, South Korea, which is as beautiful as ever. My layovers weren’t that long, and I indulged in a little food and shopping as well.


Money from Seoul, South Korea (won)


South Korean snacks! 🙂 ❤

Money Exchange? The exchange rate from USD to Thai Baht is proably the best I have ever seen. I took only $700 USD and still came back home with about $300.


Money from Phuket, Thailand (baht)



Where did I stay? Westin Siray Bay Hotel and Spa


This hotel was amazing! From the various restaurants available to dine at, to the exceptional hospitality – the Westin Siray Bay Hotel and Spa made my time there unforgettable.

I took a few shots of the hotel by the pool and at one of the restaurants – where the service was impeccable.

It is also custom for the natives to greet you with a cold towel, which you grow to appreciate due to the warm weather. The pleasantries, both big and small, really made my stay unforgettable.



Having FUN

What did I do during my trip? Snorkeling, sightseeing, day-drinking, hiking, playing in waterfalls, and more! Here are some of the exact excursions that I bought on that enhanced my trip even more. 


And here’s some pictures from my excursions:



I even got to see Big Buddha! 🙂 


And the food…..DELICIOUS



Takeaways?  Broadened horizons, and a change in perspective. 

My trip did cost me a pretty penny, but that was by choice. Sure, I could have stayed at a hostel, flew Spirit and spent a fraction of the price – but I wanted luxury on my first trip out of the States. I am glad that I did it.

Obviously, I encourage YOU to do what fits in YOUR budget. My experience might not work best for you and that’s okay.

Just make sure that you have a good time. That’s what matters the most.


Have any questions? Leave them in the comments!


Until next time ❤


By R.K.B.

For those who love poetry, writing, and daydreaming.

5 replies on “My Trip to Phuket, Thailand: Wanderlust Adventures 2019 (FULL POST)”

Looks like a great first trip out of the States. I figure if you’re happy with the price you’ve paid then it doesn’t really matter how much it cost and if you could have got it cheaper.

Anyway, great read and great photos! 🙂

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