Trying to Write a Serial Killer Novel…Any Suggestions?


As you can see from the title, I am currently trying to write a novel about a fictitious serial killer. Details on the book are reserved for its release, however, I am still in need of ANY and all advice on how to get started!

I have already started brainstorming and have written a one-page summary for the story line. Yet, I am struggling with putting the pen to paper and beginning on page one.

Please help?!



Leave a comment below with any feedback on writing crime books (if you have any), as this will be my 4th self-published book and FIRST CRIME NOVEL ever written.

I will continue to do my research on the topic, however, I am so excited to hear from you.


Thank you – until next time ❤ 




  1. That’s so awesome! I would love to write a book, I admire you so much for working on #4 😮 seeing as that I have yet to even write my own, not sure I have good feedback. However, if it were me I would try to brainstorm 3 different ways the book could start off. Action, back story, or flashback/flashforward. I feel like it’s good (whichever you choose) to start off with something that draws the reader in immediately, because sometimes with crime books (especially horror or those involving serial killers) the anticipation only lasts so long if the story takes too long to escalate. Drafting different beginnings could help you find a flow you like. I hope that makes sense? 😊

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  2. How about a serial killer novel where individuals who are mentally ill and homeless are being murdered where the serial killer is attempting to frame individuals who are mentally ill for the murders. Through hallucinations while checking each other’s detective work homeless and mentally ill individuals band together to uncover who the serial killer is. The serial killer could be someone who is upset with the ‘riff-raff’ who visit the mental health clinic in his neighborhood.

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  3. Yes! I have a suggestion. Interview me!! I´m quite the character…… I can´t guarantee you that you’ll be alive after the interview is over though.
    Looking forward to the finish product. I actually watch a bunch of documentaries on youtube about serial killers, there is one named “inside the mind of a serial killer”, I think they are a serious of documentaries, quite fascinating how their mind works. Glad they put them to death also, but what a freaky and fascinating mind. Most of them are male, although it you make it female it´s more unique I would think. Their growing up face are all screwed up for different reasons. Most of them, not all but quite a lot of the percentage like to kill animals or torture animals when they are very small kids. They usually are narcissist meaning they only think of themselves which lead them to be sociopaths which means having no empathy towards others, it´s all about their need (narcissist), they need to rape and kill. Usually both go hand in hand, rape then kill. That last part is the psychopathic part of them. Most are very smart, most have above than average I.Q. Their whole life is dedicated to fantasize about their pray and act on those fantasies so if you don’t caught them they are unable to stop killing. So it would be interesting a woman serial killer. I think anyways, just my two cents.

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  4. No matter what I write, I always outline first, which is ironic because it was one of my least favorite things to do when I was younger. Now, I view it as building a map. For fiction, I have my main story line and then I usually have three story lines that get resolved before the end, to keep the reader interested. I’ll decide how many chapters I want and then I write a sentence or two for each storyline, if they appear in that chapter. I roughly decide how many words I want the book to be and then divide that number into the number of chapters and I have a target for how many words each chapter should be. It’s math and planning, but it makes the writing process easier when you know where you’re going and how many words you have to get there.

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