Joker: A Movie About Mental Illness in a Misunderstood World (Intro)

He had a mental illness.

He was misunderstood.

He was poor.

He lived with his mother, who also suffered from a mental illness.

He had dreams.

His therapist never listened to his cries for help.

His mental health access/funding was cut.

He was mocked for being different.

He had no father in his life.

He felt alone.

He was an outcast.

He was incredibly sad.


Then, His sadness turned to rage.

What do you do when life seems bleak, and no one is hearing you?

Let’s discuss the 2019 movie hit, “Joker,” as I share my thoughts and views on how the flick perfectly portrayed a tragic struggle with mental illness in a misunderstood, cruel and chaotic world.

Blog Post Date: 2/13/20 @ 7PM ET.

Stay tuned.

– Until next time 💃🏻


  1. I thought the movie was really powerful, not just as one that discussed mental illness. I felt his mental illness was also an allegory of the modern day political situation in the US, or one that could soon come. There were plenty of parallels that could be made.

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  2. Yes!!! I loved this movie so much, I can’t wait to see your full review! I feel like it spoke so much about mental illness, and for some it was too much. But, it’s a dramatic representation many don’t want to admit (or can’t see) is a reality for many individuals.

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