The Black Rose – An Ode to My Broken Self

We all feel pain

We just wear it differently.

Some of us swim in it, some drown

Others run to shore

Then there’s those who ignore

And enjoy the calm


Brewing right before the storm –

We all have hearts

But some lock it up

Others bleed it dry

The rest let it die

Fear can, just

Eat a Man Alive –

But While I am Alive,

And my eyes can see

Then I am sure that GOD has blessed me with another chance To change

My transparency.

Because I am the one to float in the ocean

To ignore the clouds

And the thrust of the waves

To act like I don’t feel my heartbeat slowing down

Because to not feel

Feels better

It is what I like; Safe


Who often likes my things, and my plans,

to be guaranteed

So I think that GOD took away every safety net I had

And so now,

I hang in the balance.


Do I feel

This pain?

Do I let it run through my veins?

Do I confess to it?

Commit to its truth?

Because I know that I don’t know my last day

Only for so long can I sing with the sky

Before it rains……



From concrete,

One rose CAN GROW


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