Why, oh Why, Do We Waste So Much Time? (Excerpt from book, Suicidal NOT: Maximize Your Mental Health – Volume One by R.K.B.)

From Chapter Three

You and Time

I will be the first to admit that I am a time waster. I waste so much time.

I waste time getting up in the morning, while I procrastinate trying to get ready for work, I waste time battling with indecisiveness that prevents me from making decisions in a timely fashion, I waste time texting or calling people back in a reasonable amount of time (I don’t really have an excuse for this), and I waste time getting things done ON time.

I have also wasted time doubting myself and questioning if I can make all my dreams and goals a reality. I am guilty of doing this in present time as I write this.

I wonder if enough people will support me. I wonder if I’ll ever have enough money to get all my projects off the ground and running successfully. I wonder if people will hate my work or question my talent. I wonder if I will ever stop wondering about things that at the end of the day, I cannot control.

Then I remember: time is forever fleeting.

I literally cannot afford to waste it wondering and twiddling my thumbs, letting it all slip away.

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” – Coco Chanel

Applying the Principle

GOD has placed us here to complete our assignment. We all have one, but it is up to us to not only realize that, but to bring that assignment to life. Time is precious, and in my opinion, we never get enough. Yet, many of us go through life without a sense of direction at all. Many of us struggle to find our purpose, or even begin to believe that life is pointless. I know I have felt that way many times over, and there were points in my life where you could not have convinced me otherwise.

I remember one of the various times when I was preparing to kill myself, and I stood at the lake facing the water on the ledge. I was content with my decision to jump. If only I had known that I would be writing this book, traveling to Thailand and enjoying Mother’s Day with my mom just a few months later, I would have never driven out there that night. However, THANK GOD I realized that I still had a chance. I realized that GOD was still granting and blessing me with time. So, I hung on.

Guess what? You have time to hang on, too.


In my opinion, time is the most unappreciated concept to ever exist among us. Though we know we cannot control or manipulate it (at least, not yet), we waste so much.

We stay at odds with loved ones over trivial things until they die and then we value time.

We cheat on our significant others for 10 years until they finally leave, and only then, do we value time.

We put off going back to school, restoring our credit, buying that house or renting that dream condo, or having children, or marrying the love of our life, or saving our money responsibly, until finally it is too late –

And then, we value our time.

Why don’t we ever see what a gift our time is?


Choose one of the following writing prompts or do as many as you like:

– Describe at least five ways in which you have wasted time in the past year.

– If you had to pick one day to relive over and over for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

– Write a letter to your past self from three years ago.

– Look through your photographs and choose a few to write about.

– List at least three things that you want to change about your life.

– Explain a time where you thought you had more time to fix a situation than you actually did. What happened, where did you go wrong and what was the result?

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Until next time ❤️

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