“The Bitter Black Bitch, Part Two” {A Poem About Love, Hate, Regret and Reflection}


I wrote this poem during a very sad time in my life, and I wanted to share, because the label, “bitter, black bitch,” is  often times thrown upon Black women who have experienced heartbreak and thus, resentment. I wanted to share, in my own words (as a Black woman) how it actually feels to love deeply and yet receive nothing in the end, only to be ostracized by society in the aftermath. It’s rough. It’s tough. Got damn, the shit just hurts. 

I may add a follow-up to this poem. Enjoy. ❤


“The Bitter Black Bitch:” (PART TWO)

Lord, tell me why I shouldn’t throw in the towel

Tell me why I shouldn’t give up on love

I have to sleep at night knowing that

I ruined something I specifically prayed for

Encapsulated in memories that linger like the smell of lavender on a rainy day

The house is clean

But not my heart

It’s jaded and wounded from self inflicted

mistakes, and impulsive ways

And no Black Man had the patience for me

No Black Man has the patience for me

That I so freely gave away

Now I wait and wonder as I age

Should I let go of my idea of 

What I have always prayed

To relish in

It makes me want to cry

But Black people won’t even allow me to admit

That I am imperfect and regretful 

And still worthy

I might as well forget it

My opportunity has passed


– R.K.B. (2020)


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