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Ashamed to Be an American {POEM}

What do you see when you look at me? Don’t answer that, cuz you don’t even KNOW me. In this life, up on this stage I play, A voice for the young world A short, little, nappy-headed black girl Society told me who I ought to be Before I even had the chance To DECIDE…. […]

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“Only in the Spring” {POEM}

Maybe love is not what I thought it is, Maybe it is JUST a feeling. Temporary,- Like the time in Spring Where the flowers blossom and bloom,- But ONLY because of the rain. Are we just ALL FOOLS? Maybe, it is the pain That makes us yearn to search the world For things that we […]

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6 Quotes to Inspire You

Happy Hump Day!! I know how getting through the week can be rough. So, here’s some inspiring and motivational quotes to give your week the spark that it needs. Enjoy ❤️ Until next time 💃🏻

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I Think I Have Attention Deficit Disorder.

“I struggle at my work desk, in work meetings, on the phone, at parties, with family, with friends, at doctor’s appointments, in the line at the grocery store and even during sex.

I just can’t seem to stay focused, no matter what it is.”

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“Silent” – A Poem About Social Anxiety (FULL POST)

Legs shaking. What are you looking at? I can’t think. My hair itches, I’m nervous Why is everyone staring at me??? I came to this function I wanted to be here I put it on my calendar and told everyone on Facebook that I was coming And here I am running to hide in the […]

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“Silent” – A Poem About Social Anxiety (Intro)

Tonight 2/18/20 @ 6:30PM ET, join me as I share my experience with social anxiety. I look forward to any and all feedback! Can’t wait to share with you. ❤️ #StayTUNED

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My Trip to Phuket, Thailand: Wanderlust Adventures 2019 (FULL POST)

Snorkeling, sightseeing, day-drinking, hiking, playing in waterfalls, and more!

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Working While Mentally Ill – Can High Functioning Be Done? (FULL POST)

“I struggled with concentration, screening out environmental stimuli (like sounds, sights and odors), maintaining stamina throughout the day, handling time pressures and multiple tasks, interacting with others, responding to negative feedback, and responding to change also. I had potential, but struggled to let it shine all due to my condition.”

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1,000 Likes in 2020!!!

Yes, we did it again. I have received 1,000 likes in 2020 for my blog, “VodkaforMondays.” Again, I am humbled and thankful for you guys’ support. I sincerely appreciate every milestone! More content, videos and conversations on the way 💃🏻 Stay tuned! Until next time.

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If You’re Depressed AF and Need a Laugh…

Click the link and let it all out: Until next time.