To the Person Who Said, “You’re posting this for attention…”

52889914_2100103770036910_2698633367754113024_oTo the person who said, “You are posting this for attention…”

“I’m sick of your sad ass posts.”

“Why are you always depressed?”

“This is just for attention…”

To the person who said that to me: I understand. I get it. You are sick of seeing and reading my cries online for help. You have watched me for some time, and have grown frustrated that it seems my situation refuses to change. You are frustrated that I seemingly refuse to change. You are tired. You have grown fed up with my illness. You doubt that it is even an illness. You think I’m weird. You think I am desperate for likes and validation. You deem me as problematic and annoying.

I understand. I get it…but I just have one question.

Would you rather me prove it to you?

Would you like for me to prove that I am suicidal? Will it help if I go through with stabbing myself, jumping off the bridge, or swallowing these pills?

What kind of proof do you need to believe? Or, would you rather me be silent?

Would you rather be keep things bottled in, and become a menace to society because no one would listen?

Or, would you rather me pretend?

Eventually, either way, I will go mad – so what would you see as the best solution to stop my sad ass posts that you say are all attention-seeking?

Maybe, just maybe, the key lies in perspective. Maybe, just maybe, it would be best to comment on one of my sad ass posts, and offer words of encouragement (even if I don’t take heed)

Maybe, just maybe, the answer is not frustration but patience, and the willingness to try to understand a troubled mind. My, how we take our mental wealth and health for granted….my situation and circumstance could easily become yours, too….

Maybe, just maybe, the proof is in the fact that my posts are indeed attention-seeking, self-serving and a strong, desperate cry for help…sure, I have family, but I want to know that strangers like you get it – I want to know that other folks get it – I want to know that I AM NOT ALONE.

Am I alone?

To the person who said, “you are posting this for attention,” believe me, I get it, I truly do.

But has it ever occurred to you, that the sadness in my posts are the proof for you?

Hm, maybe it will never be enough…


– Written by R.K.B. 2019



  1. 💗 forget them. I have screenshots full of ppl telling me I’m a ho and i need to get used for what i am then body tossed in trash. Is it true? Should i prove it to them? No. They are not happy with themselves so they read you trying to heal yourself and be happy when you can and it triggers them. That’s their issue. I like your blog and i don’t think anyone who’s happy with themself would sit there and talk bad to somebody who’s going through stuff. Stay strong and forget those people.

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  2. Very endeavor has its detractors.

    It seems part of life, our challenge with approval

    We all crave approval and dislike criticism

    If we live life and take risks, write a post, there will be those who seek to criticize.

    I bristle when I am criticized, but I will be damned if it will impact my attitude or effort.

    You can see by the responses you have support and people who find your writing helpfulwritings


  3. Fuck whomever thinks that u are brave I wish I could Express my feelings and say how I really feel and not fake it like everything is k I look up to you and I’m proud of you keep doing u

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