Bipolar, Black, Female and Plus Size – Is It Too Many Struggles at Once? {Full Blog Post}

There are so many layers…

where do I even start?

To be a bipolar, black, female and plus size person in America is not only a unique and challenging experience, but an unknown one.

Unknown. Unheard. Unspoken. 

Not even thought of.

The label that most black women like me receive are all the age-old stereotypes that society slaps onto our foreheads without a lick of hesitation – outraged, angry, bitter, mean, unstable, uncivilized. We even get called animals.

But, is there more to our story? Why must we stay silent about our experience?

Does anyone care?

For me, I plan on shouting to the fucking rooftops.

Yes, I am bipolar. I am not sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

Yes, I am black. I am not sorry if you do not like the color of my skin.

Yes, I am female. I will never believe that my worth is less than that of a Man.

And YES, I am plus size – and I am NOT sorry if fat people frustrate you or get under your skin.

I am here to stay.


NOTE: I apologize for never posting the video for this piece! I haven’t had the time to record, and that’s my honest answer as I run this blog. However, stay tuned, videos are in the future 🙂 For now, thank you so much for following me on my journey! I will continue to post content just for you. ❤


Until next time…



  1. While I know that not all of your struggles apply to me, i can relate as someone with multiple struggles of my own. People with the usual amount of privileges seldom seem to understand. Life has so many ways in which to kick us and exclude us from society

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