The Meaning of Loneliness – Does it HAVE to Feel Lonely?

Dandelion-seeds.jpgYou and Loneliness

I have spent most of my waking days alone. I know what it’s like to wake up to a phone with no unread text messages or missed phone calls. It makes us feel invisible to the world. Unwanted. Maybe even, forgotten. As a child, I was always a loner – partly by choice, and partly because I felt that no one would want to be my friend. I never felt good enough for friendship. I never knew the value and quality of the friendship that I have to give.

Reread that last sentence; it matters. Do you know the value of your own company?

Do you know how priceless your positive energy is? Do you know there are vultures in the world seeking to suck it dry from you? Loneliness does not always have to be lonely. Sometimes, it should be about finding your inner peace. Sometimes, it should be about taking care of yourself. Sometimes, it should be about respect yourself enough to understand that bad company is NOT BETTER than no company at all.

Loneliness needs to be thrown away. When you are feeling lonely, seek solitude in your own company. There is a peace within it that if valued highly enough, no one can ever take it away. The right people will come along and will gravitate towards you. However, should they never find you or vice versa – seek that tranquility from within. Depending on others in this world to make you feel complete will always leave you empty.

Find inner joy in being alone.

So, Why Loneliness?

It’s easy to say, “Everything is fine,” when you’re drowning in sensational distractions. Maybe it’s the drugs, maybe it’s the alcohol in your bottle that keeps numbing the pain, or your pills; maybe it’s your bomb ass sex life keeping you so busy that you can’t even keep up with all the names popping in and out of your bed, maybe it’s work, school, church or just a big combination of life’s slop being constantly thrown at you while you wear a tight smile and keep it moving, no matter how bad you feel like dying inside. Maybe. I get it.

It’s so easy to say, “Everything is fine,” when you’re drowning in sensational distractions. At some point, however…

You are going to have to have to wake up and say…

I feel alone.


Choose one of the following writing prompts, or do as many as you like:

– Describe how you cope with feelings of loneliness. What activities excite, stimulate or uplift you?

– What are two negative thoughts you don’t want anymore? What can you do to let go?

– What do you want your life to feel like? – What’s NOT wrong in your life? Describe three things you can think of right now:

– Write your Emergency Plan for when you have feelings of wanting to harm yourself. Explain what safe and preventative steps you will take and why.

Write your thoughts in the comments!

Like and share this article with a friend who might need it.

Until next time 🙂 ❤ 

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