Conversations With GOD

Conversations With GOD

I sit at the foot of my bed. My knees are shaking…

but I need to talk. I have something to say.


Let’s talk about the nightmares.

Lord, can you see?

When I drift, I am drowning…


Each time I reach out for you, the Devil hears me

He calls me back

He comes crawling

I forget, that –  he hears my prayers when you do, too


I extend my soul and I long to be whole

But he fills my voids with the luxuries of a moment

The “right now…” bullshit


And Lord, excuse me for cussing

But, I just…


I thought I wasn’t too stupid to fall for a dance

One time, two times, three times



I prayed for closure, but only to move on

Not swing in a solemn place

To groove to dusty, scratched up, broken records

That play in the background

A soundtrack to my young life –


I’ve already become the very woman that I despised the most


Sipping her cocaine

As she wipes the mascara away

Calling her next mistake that will roll on into another morning


She’s on all kinds of dope.

She’s Me, ain’t she?


So I can ride home with a wet ass and hurt feelings


On my way to CVS to pop another Plan B


Cuz I’ll be damned if anyone knows


I’ll be damned if anybody knows


The Me


This Me


The Real Me


The Fake Me


The Rabbit in a Lion’s Mask


The dead breathing her existence


Nobody can know me, really…


So GOD, help me




-Written by: Ranequa Kelley-Boyd

copyrighted April 15, 2019

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