I Want Nothing More. – (My Mental Health Poem) –

55600301_2126263114087642_8058420384686407680_o.jpgI want nothing more than to be treated like a person and NOT a patient.

The system is rigged and raggedy

Especially for the young, Black and poor

Nobody really listens to us.

They misinterpret our cries of pain

And disregard our yells for help

As complaining, senseless violence and carelessness

When sometimes, that’s not always what it is.

Sometimes, a kid just got tired of being shitted on and ignored.

So, he took a bullet, and blew his brains out

Or marked someone else

With his hurt and his shame.

And it’s a colder and colder world, as the system continues to fail us….

No matter if your number is that of a

patient or

a prisoner

When you are young, Black, poor as fuck and mental


You will always be to blame



– Written by: Ranequa Kelley-Boyd

copyright April 5, 2019

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