Haven’t Showered in Days? I Understand: Bipolar and Hygiene Upkeep – Why the Struggle? (Intro)

A sensitive yet, highly relevant topic, so – let’s talk about it.

Do you struggle with your personal hygiene from time to time?

Do NOT beat yourself up if you do, because guess what, reader – I do, too.

Bipolar and self-care sometimes stand as the North and South pole (polar opposites), as we constantly try to pull it all together and function the best we know how, from day to day. However, sometimes, we might struggle getting out of bed. Thus, this means that we most likely never make it to the bathroom.

Which means…

You probably still have not brushed your teeth, or washed your face, or combed your hair. It probably is starting to look a little matted. I’m just saying, it’s okay to laugh about it. I get it, I do…

However, I also know that, sometimes, it’s not so funny…

Is this something that you struggle with? Do you know someone who does?


How do you overcome the challenge of struggling with hygiene upkeep and your overall self-care?

Leave your thoughts in the comments! We will talk more about this in my next blog post, discussing studies that show why this may happen in the first place, along with how we can improve upon our overall self-maintenance.

Stay tuned 🙂 ❤ 


  1. Hmm it happened to me when i was a student and worked. I swear my boss was sniffing me, im really amazimg that i was able to leave without cleaning myself. Luckily i was able to get out of that, but recently it happened again. I was just chilling with my husband all day brushed my teeth once a day and didnt go out much at all except to walk the dog. I guess i only grt into the routine when i feel really good, thats all.

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  2. I think once I learned to give in to it. Accept it wasn’t happening and let it be what it was and do the best I can. It sounds cliche but the more I fought with myself to do something, the less I did. I’d lay in bed torturing myself in my mind. Now I may still be in bed, but I’m not hating myself for it. Sometimes I can write some really dark poetry laying in bed with my journal.

    I figure it evens out. When I can take care of myself I do great. Vitamins, Epsom salt baths, healthy foods, etc. when that’s not accessible to me, I thank myself for whatever I do.

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