Will suicide ever be 100% preventable?

A question I have always asked myself. Check out this read!

Mental Health @ Home

96% of people think suicide is preventable American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, from Pinterest

Have you seen some of the claims out there that suicide is 100% preventable?  There are a variety of organizations that promote a zero suicide goal.  One example is the Zero Suicide Alliance, which is based in the UK and offers free suicide prevention training in order to help get suicidal people connected to appropriate resources and put an end to suicide.  There’s a suicide is preventable website, https://www.suicideispreventable.org, which belongs to Know The Signs, an organization based in California in the United States.  Preventable, preventable, preventable.  But is it reality or just a pipe dream?

While it would certainly be nice if suicide could be fully preventable, I have strong doubts as to whether this is actually realistic.  I’m also concerned that saying suicide is 100% preventable suggests that when there is a completed suicide, or even a suicide attempt, somebody…

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