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“Pink Flowers That Bloom in May” {Poetry}


We experience pain every day


Every time your back aches

Or your stomach rumbles and makes you run to the bathroom


Maybe you just ate something bad

Or maybe you’re about to need to be rushed to the hospital

The inevitable doom

Is our experience


Every time a Black kid gets shot

For breathing

Every time a child is molested

And a woman is beat up in the privacy of her own home


Buildings are blown up by terrorists

That are domestic

They are here…

And they hate their own kind


Every time

You break a nail and it bleeds

Or you take a deep breathe

To brace yourself for your own impending

Car accident

Your eyes catch the moments

That may be your last


And we can’t help it in our hearts

But To ask our GOD



Did you hear an answer?


Is our experience


copyrighted and written by: Ranequa Kelley-Boyd on January 31, 2019



By R.K.B.

For those who love poetry, writing, and daydreaming.

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