Top 5 THINGS I LOVE About Having Anxiety


I know you are like –



rather than focusing and constantly harping on the negatives that come along with my illnesses, I am learning to embrace SOME of the small positives that they have brought into my life.

SO! Here’s goes nothin’…


I’m GOOD at checking things for error.

Due to be over-obsessing about every little thing, hardly anything ever gets past me!


I take my time making decisions, no matter how big or small.

 Even if it means sitting my car for an hour to decide if I’m going to spend my last $5 on a venti cup of Starbucks coffee knowing that I am too poor to afford it, I’ll do what it takes until I am really sure.


I ask a lot of questions!

I never trust things, people or situations at face value, so I am going to grill something until I believe I have investigated everything that I need to know. Whether it’s grilling a guy on a date, grilling a service rep about a bill, grilling the fry cook about my burger that doesn’t look like it was made right – I WILL make an effort to be certain of the things and people that surround me, as much as possible, at all times.


I give my best effort.

Even during times when I feel low, I go hard. At times, anxiety can make you believe that you are inadequate. One way that anxious people try to deal is by always aiming to do our best. Believe it or not, this can turn us into more reliable, consistent and trustworthy people. On the other hand, if you suffer from depression or bipolar disorder, you may battle with the complete opposite – lethargy, and just pure laziness, due to a decrease in energy and motivation. Remember –  it’s not your fault.


I practice A LOT of self-care.

With the ups, downs and awkward imbalances that anxiety brings, I have made it a habit to value and practice self-care. I light my candles around the house, take lavender baths, cook big meals, and spray lavender room spray at least four nights out of the week. I also listen to motivational podcasts on my drive to and from work, and meditate to meditation podcasts on rough nights as well. I have made it a habit to take care of myself – before all else.

How about YOU?

What positive traits or things has anxiety brought out of you? How have you turned your struggle with anxiety into triumph?


(If you cannot think of any, that’s okay!)

Until next time ❤


R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

Visit her website to learn more, and stay updated on her upcoming works and events: !


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