Having FAITH – Where to Get it, and How to Keep It?

NOTE: This post is mainly for the spiritual believer, those seeking to become one, or those with an open mind. Enjoy. ❤ 

This is going to be a very tough article for me to write. I struggle with this every day of my life. Still, I have faith – even if it is only the size of a mustard seed. Do you? Why don’t you?


As a conspiracy theory nerd, I question a lot (sometimes, too much) about our world – including my own religion and beliefs. Daily. I wonder if I am on the right track. If I am doing things right. If I am pleasing GOD. If I am believing in the “right” GOD. If there really IS an after life. Wondering what happens after death, however, has been the one plaguing me the most lately. Constantly questioning things that I can’t see, cannot guarantee, cannot prove, predict or nonetheless – control. At all.

This kinda sucks. But, that is where that thing called, “faith,” comes in.

How much of it do you have? Has your faith ever been tested? What happened?

How did you overcome?

First and foremost, what is faith?

Goldfish jumping into the sea

Well, I think I answered it (common sense, much), as it is the act of believing in something without needing, requesting or requiring evidence prior to seeing results.

This is something that I don’t think us adults talk about enough. Sure, we say, “Have faith,” when something bad or uncertain happens, as a pleasantry, or a small way to encourage one another. But do we really mean, “have faith?” Do we really know what we are asking each other to do in those times of need? How much faith do you require to push past your pain?

Let me ask that question one more time: How much faith do you require to push past your pain?

Because certainly – you cannot explain everything away that occurs in your life, though you probably wish you could. I know I do.

Cars break down in the middle of the street on a cold night, we get cancer or other incurable diseases and our insurance might not cover the treatments, we fail our classes needed to graduate from college and attain our degrees, our spouse or partner comes home and says out the blue that they want to break up or divorce us and take half, our friends betray us, our parents die, we get fired from our jobs, we lose money, we lose hope, we lose joy, we lose happiness, we lose peace, we lose sanity, we lose comfort, we lose love, we lose motivation, we lose the desire to live. We lose the desire to be.

We lose faith.


So, how do you get it back? The most important question of all: how do you keep it forever?

***(I am figuratively speaking; forever is a myth, or is it? LOL. Let me stop being a conspiracy theory nerd. Ok. Back to the subject, pardon my bad jokes).***

How do you get back YOUR FAITH? Here’s HOW in 10 simple ways that have proven to work for me, especially during 2018, which was the worst year of my life.

Here’s how we can do it:

  1. Remember that every day that you wake up is a chance to change your entire life. Every second is a chance, it’s up to US not to blow them. They are gifts! Every single second.
  2. Stay focused on your goals – ALL of them, no matter big or small. Our goals give us purpose, motivation and meaning of self – whether we like it or not. You ever notice how lost the lives of others look who exist without goals? It’s okay to HAVE A REASON to wake up in the morning. I believe GOD created us to have a meaning of self, and to not just exist – but live with a mission and obviously do something meaningful WITH our lives!
  3. Rely on GOD, NOT PEOPLE. How many times have your parents, friends, family, or colleagues let you down? At least once, and that’s what they will always do. They are imperfect people, just like you. LEAN ON GOD, He is the only one who will NOT fail you.
  5. Love YOURSELF. I have said this throughout many of my articles, and I will say it again. Read this one at least three times. Better yet, say it out loud and mean it when you do.
  6. LOVE LIFE, even with all of its pain. To my knowledge, GOD never said that life would be perfect. I might not know everything about GOD, but I know this: bluntly stated, we cannot control or stop all the world’s pain and suffering. Though we wish we could, we can’t. The ONLY thing we have power over is the amount of good that we pour back into this place. If we pour as much as we possibly can, with every fiber of our being, we ARE making the world a better, happier and less painful place to be. But we first have to do our part. It all starts with us, one step at a time.
  7. NEVER STOP PRAYING!  EVER. Prayer is our time to speak and have a conversation with GOD. He is always listening, even when we are not praying. We need to let Him know what we are struggling with, confessing our sins and seeking Him by professing it with our mouths all the time. I don’t pray nearly as much as I should, but I am working to make this more of a priority because I know that my life depends on it. Truly.
  8. PRAY AND MEDITATE at the same time. People have mixed reviews on the topic of meditation and prayer, however, I do both, and it works wonders for me and my relationship with GOD. It is the time to clear my mind, invite GOD into my mind and heart, and focus on Him and nothing else to seek understanding.
  9. Feed your mind, soul and spirit – even if it means denying what your body really wants in life. GOD may direct us to deny ourselves of things that we overindulge in in order for us to grow. It might be difficult to do, but it is necessary on our walk with GOD. FEED YOUR SPIRIT. Your body is temporary, but our souls are forever.
  10. Remember, GOD is omnipresent, but you have still free will. So…



Until next time ❤


R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

Visit her website to learn more, and stay updated on her upcoming works and events: http://www.intomywoods.com !


  1. Hey, thanks. I enjoyed reading this and You offer some fabulous advice. I know You might not believe Me, but God is My best Friend. I usually refer to God as the Universe because so many People have warped perceptions of God because of religion. But what I Will offer, is that God does not care what Your religion is, so long as You are seeking to know God better and grow closer to Him (and again, God isn’t a man, either, which is why I usually stick with Universe). But everything You said about Goals is true. God has a Divine Plan for each of Us and the best Way to grow closer to God (in My experiences), is to be true to You and Your Dreams. I suggest My readers Keep a Journal and One Will find it generally turns into a form of prayer, even if it doesn’t seem that Way – after all, who are We Writing to anyway? As far as Life after death is concerned, there is only Life, death is the Illusion, You are endless and limitless, made in ‘Her’ Image. 😉 I hope this helps, look forward to more of Your Writing – shine on!

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  2. Amen! I agree with what you are saying. I’d like to add TRUST.I TRUST in the Lord because I have Faith. I didn’t use to have any faith, but God showed me miracles, and that gave me faith. I hold on tight to that. I know He is there for me and will never let me down.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. How much faith do you require to push past your pain? ~ Good question! It makes me think deeper about the phrase “have faith.” When push comes to shove and something truly bad happens in our lives, the faith that many of us talk about so easily in church or wherever is really put to the test.


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