Hi, I am Having an Anxiety Attack Today.


I am having a hard time today.

I am currently sitting at my work desk, and I can barely type. I am having a full on anxiety attack and it is getting worse by the second.


Any advice?


A girl who wants to just be


  1. Curious are you claustrophobic? Walk outside for a minute to regain your thoughts. I am claustrophobic by virtue of combat I do not like being in large crowds or small rooms. I always look for an escape route. Walk away from the situation if you can. Hope this helps you.

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      • If you are like me I always sit with my back to a wall or sit where I can watch the entrance like in a restaurant. Most of my anxiety is from combat experience I learned to compensate the problem. Life is dynamic you can not sit still you have to keep moving and learning what works and what does not.

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      • Learn to identify what triggers your attacks. Isolate them one by one. Learn about your disease don’t let the Doctor tell you what is wrong with. Involve yourself in always learning something new. Don’t sit idle. Put two words God Eternal and you will notice a change that is your rock. Once you start identifying your triggers and getting rid of them over time. That is what in the Aramaic lang. means to cast out demons, those images in our head. Like Christ told the cripple get up and walk. Amen

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  2. Step away from your desk and get some fresh air. Take deep breaths and count your breaths as you do. If you don’t feel well go home, there’s nothing worse than panicking in an uncomfortable environment.

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  3. Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. One coping technique I used when I was younger that helped me get a grip pretty quickly was to voice in my head over and over again “Distressing but not dangerous”. Once I said it enough to believe it, things rapidly de-escalated for me. Hope you are doing better. Wanted to stop by and say thank you for the follow on I Write Her. I do hope you enjoy my thoughts. 🙂

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