“3 New Things I LOVE About Being Bipolar” – Pt. One

Serious afro-american woman with painted muscular arms on chalkboard

I know when you clicked on this blog post you were like, “What the hell?”

Like, “What the hell is this girl talking about?” LOL. I welcome that notion wholeheartedly. However, yes, it is true.

Since my diagnosis in 2016, Bipolar and I have become like an odd married couple. Sometimes at war. Sometimes, working together to survive the storms. But, she (yes, I gave my disorder a gender, don’t judge me) is STILL here….and, so AM I.

So, here a few things that I personally have come to love about being bipolar

(can’t believe I am about to do this lmao):

  1. Random bursts of creativity – As a Writer with mental illness, insomnia can, often times, be a double edged sword. However, it does come to work in my favor sometimes. I get these random bursts of creativity, even though I am loaded on medications. I LOVE IT. I have been able to accomplish so many projects lately with a clear mind thanks to my medicine, but still enjoy the sweet experience of being an everyday creative. It is true paradise.
  2. Ability to multitask and complete many projects at one time – This is a follow up to #1. Currently, I am working on this blog, four books, two big events, and an academic scholarship, while managing  a clothing line and gift basket business. I also start Graduate school today. I LOVE IT! Without medication, this load I am carrying would be a hot ass mess.com and an utter disaster, honestly. With proper treatment, I am slowly improving upon my time management and prioritization of tasks. So even though I am doing a lot of things, it never feels like much at all 🙂
  3. Being forced to communicate – This last one is subjective to a person’s own personal experience with Bipolar disorder. For me, this disorder has literally forced me to come out of isolation and open up to others, even when I strongly did NOT want to. Due to being suicidal, depressed, and suffering from extreme anxiety, I had to learn how to start properly communicating my experience with others to maintain my closest relationships, especially with those who did not understand mental illness. They have become more educated because of knowing me and my struggles, and with that, I have grown as well in knowing how to share such a taboo topic on a global scale (as you, my lovely reader, reads this. <3)

I have MANY MORE, but these are just a few to start.

I will share more soon!

Can you think of at least three good things that have come from your Bipolar disorder?


If you can’t think of any, that’s understandable, too. You DO NOT HAVE TO. This journey is NOT an easy one for us. ❤

I, of all people, understand that very much.

Just remember that, as you read this, you are not alone… ❤ ❤ ❤

Until next time.


R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

Visit her website to learn more, and stay updated on her upcoming works and events: http://www.intomywoods.com !


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