“Espressos and Pain”: 20 Small Reasons to Still Smile…

Ranequa_Web-0542.jpgWell, I am a loner.

In my head, I’d like to think that I have this flourishing social life, but,

I don’t.

Sometimes, I find peace in it. Sometimes, I get kind of sad.

Yet, here I am though….still smiling ❤ I am learning to find happiness in the smallest, most mundane and simplest things, in everything around me. Along with taking my meds, seeing my shrink and lots and lots and lots of daily prayer – I believe that THAT is the key to an honestly fulfilled life. I’m proud to say that I truly feel I am on the path in the right direction.

As I sip my cup of coffee here,

I‘ll tell you what has made me so happy in just THIS WEEK.

Here’s WHY…

  1. I am getting better with my spending habits! kinda. lol
  2. I haven’t had an anxiety attack in about two weeks!!! *praise GOD*
  3. Work has been super chill
  4. Okay, so I lied. I still was in the negatives with the bank this week, but I addressed and am working very hard to manage the rest of my paycheck
  5. My creativity flow is like an endless stream right now
  6. I’m writing a book, working on this blog, writing and publishing two coloring books, and hosting two very big events this year
  7. I start Graduate school tomorrow (yes, like tomorrow it’s crazy…)
  8. I’ve been out of school for four years, and nervous is NOT even the word to describe how I feel. However, I am still thrilled and so excited.
  9. I am improving upon my ability to manage my close relationships
  10. I FEEL SELF LOVE, for real, for the first time in my life
  11. I FEEL SELF LOVE, for real, for the first time in my life
  12. I have not felt suicidal in about two months now
  13. I have not tried to hurt or kill myself since August 2018
  14. I have improved upon my communication skills tremendously as of late
  15. My diet still sucks buuuut I’m working on it
  16. I’m working hard to keep my gas tank full like a smart person should
  17. I’m doing my best to be there for my mom and give her whatever she wants or need
  18. I need to go to church but I have been praying in my head, and hope GOD hears me
  19. I LOVE LIFE, even though this world is awful and fucked up, a lot, many times over. I still love it.
  20. I WANT TO LIVE, for real, for the first time in my life

❤ What made YOU happy this week?

Until next time. 🙂 


R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

Visit her website to learn more, and stay updated on her upcoming works and events: http://www.intomywoods.com !



  1. That’s great news, keep up the good work! I think the progression I’ve made with my own blog so far has me happy this week. It’s a great way to express.

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  2. Great News!! So proud and happy for you. God is thrilled with you Manifestation of self love. Remember.m, church is just a building with a gathering of people that should genuinely be seeking God to find that self love. Don’t get me wrong, if you desire to go, then go. However, your testimony is a pulpit for others to find their truth- self love.

    You doing great on your own. However, as an empowerment coach and author, I’ll leave my link to my books if you feel the need. Much love and light 😁💛

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