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“Black Men and Mental Health: Their Place in the Conversation…No?” (Part One)


Well, do they have one? 

At this time, I think that this a good question to ask, because I’m not sure if enough people even care to know.

As a whole, Black people have made and are still continuing to make so many strides. We are pushing for more in politics, STEM, LGBT, education, entertainment and more. We have overcome, conquered and dominated many fields, and now can sit at many tables that not too long ago, we were not even included in or invited to. We are growing and building……and still, have quite the ways to go. With the rise of mismanagement and mistreatment of Black professionals in athletics, to the ever-growing number of police brutality and murders of Black people done by the hands of law enforcement, we are facing many walls. Sure, we are knocking, but is anyone ever going to answer the door?


In ALL of this, I find one epic trend that might be subtle, but is so important, and I think it is going unnoticed.

Black MALE mental health.

Does anyone care about it?

Aside from the fact that their basic needs for survival and equal rights are an everyday struggle to maintain, Black men’s internal and psychological needs aren’t even a part of conversation for consideration.


***If you know a Black Man, or a Black Man reading this blog, comment***:

“Do you FEEL HEARD by society when expressing your mental health?”


I encourage everyone ELSE to please comment as well with your thoughts! Keep them polite and respectful. ❤ And if this topic is something that you do NOT quite understand, that’s okay! COMMENT, and let me know.

We are going to keep talking about it. More of us need to. We have to.

Stay tuned for my next blog on Black Male Mental Health! MORE ON THE WAY…

– Until the next blog 😉



R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

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By R.K.B.

For those who love poetry, writing, and daydreaming.

3 replies on ““Black Men and Mental Health: Their Place in the Conversation…No?” (Part One)”

Hi! Agree, it’s a problem. I have sons and brothers. Many Black men have unhealthy views of manhood. Many think going it alone is a badge of courage and don’t appreciate the strength of being immersed in a supportive environment where they can learn from mistakes instead of serving jail time.

Btw, we have to stop knocking on other people’s door. It’s time we answer the door to each other.

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I agree that based on cultural ideologies, black men, probably more than any other group of people (for the most part) have a difficult time expressing their feelings , let alone recognizing certain bothersome emotions. If we normalize the need for black mental wellness, more black men will be able to be vulnerable enough to talk about their experiences.

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