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12 Signs of an Anxiety Attack ( How to Better COPE)

Coping-With-Anxiety-and-Depression-722x406An excerpt from this awesome write-up:

“…Your brain decides to shoot an extra dose of adrenaline inside your blood system, thus triggering the initial panic attack symptoms like rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating and blood pressure rise.

All of the above are the normal sympathetic responses, in the case that you were facing some real danger.  But as in reality there’s no danger present, you start panicking as you fail to ascribe these symptoms to something particular and start believing things like – you are having a heart attack/severe allergic reaction or actually dying.”

This huge mix of fear and panic make other symptoms to kick in and voila – a full-scale anxiety attack in action.

Does this sound like you?

Read More HERE: .

***NOTE***: I will be writing my OWN version on this topic, discussing the signs of an anxiety attack from my own personal experiences. So, stay tuned!

Nonetheless – I love sharing resources. Let me know if this helps in the comments below!

– Until the next blog ❤


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