BoJack Horseman – Why This Show Extremely Matters to Mental Health

 “The universe is a cruel, uncaring void. The key to being happy isn’t the search for meaning; it’s just to keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense, and eventually, you’ll be dead.”

Aaah, yes. Netflix’s most notable face of depression. Our favorite, unbelievably lovable and saddest antihero is none other than the complex legend himself – BoJack Horseman. 

“Everyone loves you, but nobody likes you…”  –          (WATCH HERE)

Although, it was actually Mr. Peanut Butter who said that. Eh, I digress.


By now, many fans of this somewhat awkward show with humanoid animals, are well aware of both the hidden and spoken about themes behind this tragic, but triumphant story of its main character, BoJack. In short, the wisecracking, middle-aged man-horse fights to survive everyday, struggling with regrets, suicidal thoughts, suicidal tendencies, past trauma, pain and depression throughout his entire, everyday life.

10 Reasons Why This Show Matters to the Mental Health Conversation:

  1. BoJack is f*cked up. He is NOT PERFECT.
  2. He makes it hard to feel sorry for him at times. VERY HARD.
  3. The show is detailed in describing not only BoJack’s childhood, but his mother’s childhood, and the complex dynamics of his entire immediate family.
  4. The show does an awesome job showing the dynamics of his personal relationships.
  5. The show displays how BoJack sees himself, in both good and bad ways.
  6. The show displays how he interacts (and does not interact) with people.
  7. BoJack tries to kill himself. Multiple times.
  8. BoJack is always vulnerable. He shows his heart and emotions.
  9. BoJack is STILL loved, despite his imperfections.
  10. BoJack can be any and every one of us.

If you are a fan of this show, why? Why does this show matter to you in regards to mental health? COMMENT BELOW!

AND: If you have never heard of this show, I highly suggest checking it out. I think that it is pretty good.

– Until the next blog 🙂


R.K.B. is an award winning self-published Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan.

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  1. Excellent list of reasons. I wrote about Bojack a little for one of my most recent blog posts. It goes more in detail there, but basically Bojack is one of the biggest reasons why I started running and continue to this day. It made me want to change my life and become a better person.

    Every season has been awesome, and each one has had those impactful, gut-wrenching episodes. Can’t wait for the next one!

    Liked by 1 person

      • I’m looking forward to it, I love reading what people have to say about the show. Btw, I don’t even know what a reblog is since I just started this a month ago, but I really appreciate it! I actually discuss Bojack in Part 2 of my series, but I’m glad you looked at and reblogged a few of my posts.

        Liked by 1 person

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