I Don’t Know Where to Start.

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Isn’t that how we all feel? Please, don’t let it be just me.

It’s a brand new year! But there is a lot still left undone. Thoughts still racing. Goals still not manifesting. Hurt still mending.

It might be a new year, but I still feel the exact same- and to be honest, I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

But TODAY, I woke up and realized that it doesn’t have to stay this way.

I DON’T have to stay this way. I. CAN. CHANGE.

Thus, one thing that is changing (and growing) inside of me- is my attitude. My mindset dictates how my entire day will go. Not my emotions.

It all starts with a thought!

If I believe that I look good, when I look in the mirror- I will be pleased with my reflection. In turn, I will then feel good. Thus, I will be happy with myself that day. I will walk and I will talk my back straight and my head held high. I will give eye contact. I will smile and mean it. I will think positive no matter what drama arises. I will fully embrace my positive vibes. I will be stingy with them; I won’t let anyone take them from me.

But- it all starts with a thought.

An attitude. It can either really make, or really break your entire day. Your entire week. Month. Year. 10 years. It can make or break your whole life.

It’s all in the attitude. Your mind. How bad do you want happiness?

How bad do you want to have a good year? Are you speaking positivity into existence? Or are you still clinging onto what happened in 2016? Or even 2015?

Let it go. Write down all of your positive affirmations. Make a long list of words you want to start living by. Words that you need to tell yourself- often. Write down affirmations that can uplift your mind, heart, and spirit. Commit to owning this positivity within you- with a positive attitude!

Or else, what’s the point of you even getting out of bed this morning?


And make EVERY shot count. 

Now, come on.

Let’s have a GREAT YEAR! 

Write down your own positive self-affirmations in the comments section! Share, spread the love and inspire others as they inspire YOU! ❤ – R.K.B. (Author, Poet and Entrepreneur from Westland, MI). 

Visit my direct website: intomywoods.com 



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