“The First.”

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Welcome to The First! Literally, this is my first blog that I have ever created.

I am glad that you took some time out of your busy day to stop here and read what I am gonna write for you.

My name is R.K.B.- and welcome to VodkaForMondays.

Why the name, you might ask?

I hate Mondays, as most humans do. (That means if you like Mondays, you are probably some kind of alien). Monday is the first day of the week, and often times, the hardest day. It is- The First. The first day of the week back at that job you hate, the first day of the week you have to call the bill collectors because you’re late again on payments, the first day of the week to put a smile on your face- to face the world we all dwell in.

Often times, we wake up on Monday mornings with a myriad of things- a headache, a stranger in our bed that won’t wake up and go home, the dilemma of having cereal and no milk (or vice versa) and endless, racing thoughts that we let stress us out about how the day will go. How the week will go. How our lives will go.

But once our feet hit the floor and we get up- that’s the time to remind ourselves: it’s The First. The first day of the week to actually make it to work on time. The first day of the week that you could start calling your family more often. The first day of the week that you can start binging shows on Netflix. The first day of the week that you can tell someone to “Have a good day,” or finally say to that special guy/girl in your life, “I love you.”

Granted, Monday will always be terrible. All humans should agree.

But you don’t have to feel terrible about Monday.

You don’t have to feel terrible. You can feel good. Really good. No matter what.

All you have to do – is Take a Shot.


R.K.B. is a Writer, Poet, Author and Entrepreneur from Westland, Michigan.

Visit intomywoods.com to learn more!


  1. The First…blog post comment. The first to me could be synonymous with a pledge. The first time to do something, or stop doing something, the first time to start something new, or the first time to not hate a Monday (which I do). I praise you, RKB, for making a pledge and taking a first try for something. Because without a first then you have nothing. Which might not feel terrible, but it definitely won’t feel really good. Keep em coming. No matter what. Yours in friendship and support. SM

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